For the release of the activist Mansoor Al-Ahmadi detained in Al-Razeen prison in UAE

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Geneva, 30 June 2020 

Human rights activist Mansour Al-Ahmadi is still arbitrarily imprisoned in Al Razeen jail in the UAE, despite the completion of his sentence on October 13, 2019, for guidance and reform pursuant to the Federal Law No. 7 of 2014 on combating terrorism, in breach of his right to freedom and security.

In fact, Emirati government uses counseling centers to continue the detention of activists without setting a time limit or presenting a clear legal basis for keeping the defendants beyond completion of their past sentences. They also fail to provide the detainees with effective judicial and administrative grievances against the decisions to deposit them in counseling centers. 

The UAE has consistently refused to release prisoners of conscience held in Al Razeen counseling center despite the end of their sentence and the spread of COVID-19 inside the prison which led to the infection of many prisoners, in the absence of any sanitary precautions as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Al-Ahmadi is a representative of the Youth League for Quds, which granted him the title of Al Quds Ambassador in the UAE, and one of the signatories of the 2011 reform petition.

He was arrested on October 12, 2012 within the case of the UAE94, and was subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture, and unfair trial by the State Security Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court. He was consequently sentenced to seven years imprisonment in a final verdict with no appeal or fair trial guarantees.

Al Ahmadi was abused by the Nepalese prison guards who tortured and put him in solitary confinement without due reason. He was prevented from seeing his family or contacting his lawyer in flagrant breach of the Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment.

In view of the above, the ICJHR asks Emirati officials and government to immediately and unconditionally release activist Mansour al-Ahmadi and other human rights activists and bloggers, including those who have ended their sentences, to stop holding prisoners of conscience in counseling centers and to conduct an impartial investigation into their rights’ violations and hold accountable all the responsible.   

This post is also available in: arالعربية (Arabic)

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