20 March 2018

One year has passed since the arrest of Human Rights Defender Mr. Ahmed Mansoor, by the UAE authorities, after the State Security Service broke into his house on March 20, 2017 without any judicial warrant, taking him later to an unknown location.

Emirati officials concealed all information about the place of his detention until they issued an official statement on March 29, 2017 stating that he had been detained in the central prison in Abu Dhabi. This is after the UN human rights experts issued a statement, on 28 March 2017 asserting the arbitrary nature of Ahmed Mansoor’s arrest because of his opinions.

Human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor was arrested because of his posts on social Media, in which he defended other human rights activists. Indeed, the Public prosecution for Cybercrimes considered these posts as” inciting sedition, sectarianism and hatred on social media, claiming that they would harm the national unity and social peace as well as damage the State’s reputation”, in accordance with the requirements of the notorious Federal Law on Combating Cybercrimes.

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates have deliberately violated the rights of human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor by detaining him in unknown location, as well as his right to contact a lawyer and to have family visits, who were allowed to visit him only twice at the Public Prosecutor’s Office on 3 April and 17 September 2017.

Therefore, international organizations and the signatories of this petition call on the authorities of the United Arab Emirates for the immediate and unconditional release of human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor.

To sign the petition please send your name or the name of your organization to

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