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UAE Osama al-Najjar: court hearing postponed to October 28

Geneva, on October 14, 2014 Osama Al-Najjar had his second hearing the 14th of October without pleading.

At the beginning of the session and after recording the presence of all parties represented in the case: Osama, the defense, and the prosecution, the judge asked the defense if he's ready for pleading, he stressed readiness and 19/10/2014 selected for the next hearing. However the prosecutor suggested 28/10/2014 as a date for next hearing. The judge asked if any of the two teams, the defense or the prosecution needs witnesses, the lawyer explained that he doesn't need witnesses to prove or deny, as well as the prosecution showed they don't need witnesses.

We learned that Osama Najjar talks to the judge pointing out that he "did not receive the file of the case yet, and that he wants to confront the affirmation witnesses, as he needs to have two witnesses who had been subjected to torture, to prove and stressed the torture is a fact not dissemination of rumors." The judge's reply was procrastination without making concrete measure except for determining the date of October 28, 2014 as the date for the third hearing.

In the next session, the prosecution and defense will not heard together, which wouldn't allow the defense sufficient time to respond to what will be said by the prosecution, also there's nothing to confirm that Osama has received the case file.

After the hearing, Osama requested to talk to his lawyer to emphasize the need to get the witnesses, a policeman who accompanied him asked that he got out of the court room first and then he would let him calls his lawyer, and when Osama came out of the courtroom the policeman shackled and handcuffed him. Osama refused to get into the car before talking with his lawyer, his request was again rejected but due to his insistence, the police was forced to respond to his request.

Osama met his lawyer in the corridor which follows the courtroom, handcuffed and shackled. The conversation lasted three minutes in the middle of a group of police officers and security. It should be notes that on Thursday, 04/10/2014 the lawyer visited Osama, and the visit was from behind the barrier, as well as the visit included other detainees in other cases. On the same day, the lawyer left the file of the case and his phone number so that Osama could communicate with him, but until the date of 14/10./2014 Osama didn't receive the file, and wasn't allowed to call his lawyer.

The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights strongly condemns the violations against Osama Najjar since his arrest and affirms the right of Osama in:

1. Fair and transparent trial
2. Lawyer presence and look at the case file before the hearing
3. Being examined by a forensic doctor to check for signs of torture and punish the responsible

The ICJHR calls upon the UAE Government to:

1. Release of Osama al-Najjar detained on the back of his human rights activities through social media, which is a violation of freedom of expression
2. Enable the presence of a lawyer and meet with him before the hearing and look at the case file
3. Ensure fair and transparent trial

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