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Amer shawa


Amer al-Shawa, free after months of enforced disappearances

Geneva on February 13, 2015 

We've just learned at the International Center for Justice and Human Rights that Mr. Amer al-Shawa who has been detained in the UAE jails since October 2015 was released and directly returned to Turkey.

We're happy for this news and congratulate his wife and all his family members on this release. We call on the UAE authorities to release all foreign nationals forcibly disappeared and all prisoners of conscience in the UAE.

We recall that the Dubai Police airport arrested Amer al-Shawa on October 2, 2014, without a clear charge and has jailed him for a period of 5 months in an undisclosed location without informing his family about the reasons and the place of his detention.

This comes after the first release of Libyan businessmen who have been subjected to enforced disappearance without trial and subjected to brutal forms of torture.

Thanking all who contributed to the defense of the cause of Amer al-Shawa and demanded his release, we call on the UAE authorities to continue in this way and not to desist from violating human rights and to release all detainees jailed because of political views or affiliations or human rights activities.

We also call on all international organizations to continue efforts to ensure the rights and freedoms within the UAE.

For more information, contact us at Mail Center This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.