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38th Session of the Human Rights Council

Side Event

Follow-up to UPR of the United Arab Emirates

4th July 2018

At Palais des Nations, Room XXIII


You are cordially invited to attend a side-event held during the 38th session of the Human Rights Council. The purpose of this side event is to engage in a discussion on the follow-up to the recommendations of the UPR29 and on how to ensure that the recommendations are respected and implemented by the UAE. Given the recent sentencing of prominent human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor to 10 years imprisonment by the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal, many questions and concerns about the human rights situation in the UAE will be raised. In light of this, the panel will discuss the follow-up measures necessary to ameliorate the human rights environment in the UAE.


Ines Osman, Regional Legal Officer for the Mashreq of the Alkarama Foundation


Safwa Aïssa, Executive director of ICJHR

Drewery Dyke, Rights Realisation Centre

Julia Legner, Regional Legal Officer for the Gulf at Alkarama Foundation

Rodney Dixon QC, UK Barrister and Queens Counsel, Temple Garden Chambers, London and The Hague

Joe Odell, Campaigns Manager of ICFUAE