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Joint Statement

Stop arbitrary arrests in the UAE

Geneva, October 28, 2014

The undersigned organizations of this statement express concern about the detention by the authorities in the UAE, of nearly 204 prisoners from different nationalities (UAE, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Yemen, Comoros, and Algeria). They also call for the disclosure of their whereabouts and allow their families to visit them and to know their fate. Since 2012, the UAE was constantly arresting activists and defenders from different nationalities which some of them were languishing in UAE prisons while others have suffered from acts of torture and ill-treatment. Recent data indicate that the number of detainees is:

• 108 Emirati prisoners

• 28 Egyptian prisoners

• Conflicting information between the presence of 9 or 30 Libyan detainees

• 11 Yemeni detainees

• 3 Qataris

• One Turkish prisoner

• 3 Syrians

• 3 Palestinian civilians, including a journalist

• 1 Lebanese

• 1 Jordanien

• 5 Tunisians

• 3 Comoros

• 6 Algerians

According to reports from international organizations, detainees in the UAE are subject to forced disappearances and detentions in secret prisons for long periods without the knowledge of their parents and without the presence of a lawyer. This creates serious violations of prisoners' rights. The undersigned organizations strongly condemn these practices contrary to human rights and international treaties and invite UAE authorities to release all prisoners of conscience and to disclose the whereabouts of some of them, give them the right of defense and state the reasons for their arrest. The undersigned organizations announce the organization of a demonstration on Thursday, October 30th from 11h to 14h at the Place des Nations in Geneva to condemn the arrests and call for the release of all those arrested and detained.


The signatory organizations: 1. International Center for Justice and Human Rights, Geneva 2. Rights for all, Geneva 3. Solidarity, Geneva 4. Justice for Egypt, Geneva 5. Euro-Mid Observatory for Human Rights, Geneva 6. Egyptian coalition in Europe for human rights 7. Association of Victims of Torture in Tunisia 8. Emirates Center for Human Rights, London 9. Libyan Center for Freedom and Development 10. Libyan community in Switzerland 11. Friends of humanity, Vienna 12. The Observatory of Human Rights, London 13. Association of Parents of Libyan prisoners in UAE

For more information, please contact us at 079 129 09 06