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Geneva on November 25, 2014

On 25 November, the State Security Court ruled on the sentence of three years imprisonment for Osama Al-Najjar and a fine of half a million dirhams in a non-appealable judgment.

The charges against him include: membership of a secret cell, operation and design of a website to disseminate information "Inaccurate, ridiculous and slanderous against the institutions of the state".

Osama Al-Najjar is an activist for human rights aged of 25 years old. He's the son of the prisoner Hussein Al-Najjar, who was tried in the UAE 94 trial. Osama was arrested on March 17, 2014 for his activities on the social networks and defense of freedom and the cause of his father.

Nine months have passed since his arrest without trial and without charges. He spent weeks in secret prisons without the knowledge of his family and was subjected to torture and ill-treatment. His trial began on September 24 before the Federal Supreme Court, which was postponed to October 14. Neither Osama nor his lawyer had access to the file.

The trial of Osama Najjar is one in a series of arrests and arbitrary detention or unfair trials aimed at silencing peaceful dissent and limit freedom of expression, which is inconsistent with the commitments and obligations of UAE towards the international organizations and the human Rights council. The UAE authorities don't hesitate to punish and imprison any citizen linked to the organizations or reformist figures. These violations affect UAE nationals and foreigners.

The International Center for Justice and Human Rights condemns unfair trial of human rights defender Osama al-Najjar and asked the Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights and independence of justice to urgently intervene with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates for the unconditional release of Osama Najjar.