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Press release
Amina Al- Abdouli tortured in UAE prisons:
Second new recording

Geneva, 22 June, 2018
The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR) received a second recording from prisoner of conscience, Amina Al-Abdouli in which she continues talking about her exposure to torture and humiliating treatment at Al-Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi.
She speaks about how the torture she was subjected to caused her to injure her left eye and led to misalignments in her jaw. It is only after repeatedly asking for medical treatment that she was taken to a female doctor within the confines of the prison. The doctor just flashed the torch on her eyes and concluded that they were in a good condition.
Amina says that her condition deteriorated since she was tortured for the first time. She speaks about the Nepalese guards – three in military uniforms and eight others in black sportswear. Five Nepalese guards took her to be interrogated by pushing her harshly, although she was already handcuffed. A female officer called Um Humaid along with some other male officers tried to morally abuse her during the interrogation, by telling that her children are distracted in school and that there is no one to take care of them. When Amina was arrested, her children woke up terrified, and began to cry seeing armed men in the house. Amina recounts that the prison authorities interrogated her for many days and nights on end. They asked her if she had a secret to reveal and when she denied it, the guard typed a report for six hours. Amina says that the guards spat on her shoes.
Based on this testimony, the International Centre for Justice and Human Rights calls on the authorities of the UAE to:
1- Immediately release Amina Al-Abdouli, and to conduct a prompt and serious investigation by an independent body concerning the torture and ill-treatment to which she was subject, as well as her exposure to enforced disappearance for months
2- Hold accountable all people involved in these violations and enable her right to reparation and rehabilitation
3- Allow the UN Special rapporteur on torture to visit the prisons in UAE

To listen to the full recording on this link:

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