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site 10 avril 2019


Geneva on April 10, 2019

Prominent human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor has been on hunger strike for over three weeks in protest at his final judgment that can’t be appealed and exposure to ill-treatment in the prison. He was convicted for defending victims of human rights violations and has been held in solitary confinement since March 2017.

Ahmed Mansoor is being currently held in al Sadr prison in Abu Dhabi. His health situation has badly deteriorated and he is in bad shape because of the ill-treatment and grievances he has been subjected to. He has been isolated in solitary confinement in terrible conditions, without bed, toilet or water which made him go into a hunger strike.

His detention in solitary confinement, for most if not all of the period, has affected his physical and psychological health.  He is also deprived from the right to appeal and defend himself before being held incommunicado in accordance with Principle 30 of the Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment.

The prison administration did not also allow him to have access to appropriate medical care in breach of the right to health care guaranteed by Article 19 of the UAE Constitution and Federal Law No. 43 of 1992 on Regulating Penal Institutions.

The ICJHR holds the UAE authorities fully responsible for the health deterioration of human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor. They ignored his legitimate demands to stop his solitary confinement and review the judicial decision that violates his right to defend himself, to appoint a legal counsel and to freedom of expression.

Besides, the Federal Supreme Court upheld the verdict issued by the Supreme Court of Appeal in Abu Dhabi on May 29, 2018, sentencing Ahmed Mansour to 10 years imprisonment, a fine of one million dirhams and confiscation of all of his electronic devices in addition to administrative control for three years.

For the record, on October 4, 2018, the European Parliament passed a resolution number RSP / 2862/2018, enumerating the serious human rights violations committed against Ahmed Mansoor and calling for his immediate release.

In view of the above, the International Centre for Justice and Human Rights calls upon the authorities of the United Arab Emirates:

  • Stop the detention of human rights activist Ahmad Mansoor in solitary confinement and immediately release him.

  • Conduct an impartial investigation into his exposure to ill-treatment, enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrest and unfair trial and bring those responsible for these violations before a fair justice.

  • Grant him the right to remedy, reparation and rehabilitation.

  • Allow UN Special Rapporteurs and international organizations to visit human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor in prison and monitor his imprisonment conditions and document the violations and injustices he was exposed to.